The purchase or lease of a property is an act that requires time and reflection, which is why ICS accompanies you throughout your real estate journey to realize your project.

  • First contact meeting by appointment
  • Detailed visit of the property whether to sell or to rent
  • Price study re-evaluation report
  • Preparation of a Selling , renting or searching contract
  • Preparation of transaction file ( pictures , plans)
  • Administrative procedures (equipments , register, town council)
  • Preparation of presentation file for future purchasers
  • Setting of argumentary presentation of properties
  • Publishing press
  • Taking into immediate and free consideration on our web file :
  • Immediate Pre selection of serious clients in our computer files
  • Selection of serious clients
  • Presentation of your properties to selected purchase clients
  • Visit with interested clients after study of their financial budget
  • Phone contact with potential clients
  • Selling, negotiation and redaction of the compromise
  • After sale contact with purchasers
  • Transmission of files to the financial organism in case of loan
  • Follow up of the demand closely
  • Preparation of the signature with the solicitor
  • Assistance of the parties at the time of authentic action
  • After authentic action, advice and assistance are provided in the after-sale services


Insure your property

Multirisk Residential. Protect your home and your belongings with the product MANZILOUNA AXA.

Finance your project

A selection of credit simulation tools to help you realize your real estate project.

Manage your property

You want someone to manage your assets? Tell us about your project.

Evaluate your property

You have a property to evaluate by a certified expert by the courts of Morocco.